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organic chinese five spice blend organicfair cow bay seafood spice organic madras yellow curry spice blend
organic chinese five spice blend
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Our Price: $5.69
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organic cow bay seafood spice
Our Price: $8.69
Our Price: $6.69
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Cow Bay is our quaint seaside neighbour which is also a mecca of wonderful food. This spice blend is meant to highlight our ocean's bounty with a depth of flavour and a kick of heat in the southern seafood tradition. Try it in a crab boil with lemons and garlic, crusted onto Spot prawns, mixed into cornmeal for fried oysters, dusted on fish or even sprinkled onto fresh corn.We love it on everything y'all.
organic garam masala spice blend organic bouquet garni spice blend organic mulling spices
organic mulling spices
Our Price: $8.69

Use one bay leaf & 1 tbsp of blended spice per serving.

Frosty mornings, gloves and scarves, winter is here. The familiar scent of apple, spices, orange, and vanilla simmering away, sweet and aromatic. What better way to warm up hands and hearts!